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Our Education Legacy


It’s more than learning; it’s a transformative experience—putting you in touch with what’s best in you and giving you the inspiration and freedom to grow your way.


Over the years, our reputation has grown as our graduates go on to become knowledgeable professionals in the field. Cortiva Institute continuously cultivates future industry leaders through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities.


Check out what our graduates have to say about us:

If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more and join our growing community.


Why should you join are a network of massage therapy and skincare schools

— all united by a common mission and standards that help students, clients and the community thrive?


Dermalogica Partner School

Students and staff receive training from Dermalogica business consultants and educators at the International Dermal Institute. They learn the best ways to prescribe treatment plans and home care regimens for their clientele. In addition, skincare students obtain a Professional Dermalogica Esthetics Kit to practice. Skincare students also have the opportunity to graduate Dermalogica Certified.

Job Fairs & Career Seminars

Our Job Fairs & Career Seminars are very popular with our students and have helped them grow and evolve outside the classroom. We invite local and national vendors to speak with our students about their chosen industries. We also participate in many events throughout the year to give our students the opportunity to practice in a variety of settings (ex. sporting events, fundraisers, health fairs, nursing care facilities, and more!).

The Spa at Cortiva

Our programs offer hands-on training at our on-campus spa with LIVE clients. You'll learn the art of customer service, client retention, how to sell retail and to properly prescribe homecare regimens to your clients. We strongly encourage our students to develop a positive rapport with every client they serve - -as we want them to begin building their books here with us and take the clients that love them -- with them!

Growth Through Inspiration & Integrity


Career goals aren’t all that bring us together; students choose Cortiva Institute because we care about the same things you do: innovation and real-world experience hands-on training.


We’re founded on seven core values that care for individuals and communities:


It's All About
The Energy

Our culture challenges students to grow, not only academically, but personally and professionally—by training to care for others, Cortiva Institute graduates become the best versions of themselves.


Check out our holistic curriculum, for 360˚ learning:

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