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Antoinette Long

My goal in this industry is to be able to help people on a more personal level through massage and bodywork. This is such a fulfilling career. I know it will give me the sense of purpose I am looking for”. Toni is the owner and operator of her own Massage Therapy practice.

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Benjamin Ekhaifo

I joined this industry because I would like to contribute to promoting the practice of relaxation and wellness in our society. I believe strongly that regular therapeutic care can have a significant impact on people’s lives and health” Benjamin is a Massage Therapist at Massage Envy.

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Gerline Jean-Louis

“I love what I do now, it’s not work to me, I’m actually having fun with my career. I know that the sky’s the limit for me in this field”. Gerline is an esthetician at Gorgeous Faces where she enjoys educating clients about their health of their skin and making them feel good about themselves.

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I never really thought I would find something that I could be passionate about but also enjoy doing as a profession.  And in the profession, I continue to meet many great people that come from all types of backgrounds and continue to create new connections.  Being an LMT means a great deal because I feel that I have earned that title through efforted days of studying, learning, and practicing. I really enjoy trigger point and sports massage because I feel that a great connection between these two modalities provides a great healing to the body.  I have learned to always stick to the basics, which for me is to try to always center myself, listen to the body, and act based on those actions.” Josue is a LMT working for a Chiropractic office.

Josue Flores Vasquez

Cortiva Institute has been very instrumental in my journey. Everyone from Admissions to Instructors provided me with the support I needed as a student going through the program.

Upon graduation, Career Services provided the opportunities for me to be hired by a spa owner.


Being a Licensed Professional is very important to me. It allows me to help people feel better physically, which helps them feel better mentally and emotionally as well.


My life has changed for the better since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. It has allowed me to support myself and my family and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.


Since graduation, I have learned that our industry is so diverse. There are so many different opportunities for Licensed Professionals. Finding my niche has been such an adventure! I'm very excited about the future!

Eureka Jones

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Tiffanie Hunter

“My goals have already come true. I became my own boss and am a co-owner of a up and coming wellness establishment. I stepped down from a corporate job making eighty-five thousand dollars a year to make this happen.” Tiffanie is a self-employed licensed massage therapist and co-owner of Sound Mind and Body Wellness

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Krystle Odum

Krystle is a dual licensed Massage Therapist/Esthetician. “I loved makeup and wanted to learn everything I could. I loved esthetics, I have always struggled with my skin and now I have learned to help myself and I can help others achieve their skin care goals!” Krystle is employed at Hand & Stone as a Massage Therapist and Esthetician.