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Beauty Tech: The Future of Innovations in Cosmetology

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Digital disruption isn’t limited to manufacturing, finance, or healthcare. It’s alive in the beauty industry, too. In fact, beauty and technology go hand-in-hand. And thanks to some innovative beauty tech inventions, the world of cosmetology is getting better and better.

Beauty Tech: The Future of Innovations in Cosmetology

What are some of the latest beauty technology options heating up the market? Check out the following trending tech products and processes.

Virtual Reality Allows Consumers to Try Before They Buy

Virtual reality and augmented reality have made it possible to “try on” anything from a foundation to a hairstyle. Rather than just overlaying colors over an image, AI-powered software creates a life-like model. Consumers can digitally explore all kinds of beauty products. Best of all, they can make purchases sight unseen with more confidence than ever before.

Sustainable Packaging for Eco-Friendly Brands and Buyers

Packaging has always been a sore spot for many beauty brands and environmentally conscientious consumers. Now, many top brands are exploring different types of packaging by leveraging technologies. The result? Product packaging that is 100% recycled (or at least made using less carbon).

Smart Mirrors Reflect More Than Just Images

Remember the old fairy tale saying, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall?” Well, today’s mirrors are more fantastical than any storyteller could have imagined years ago. Smart beauty tech has allowed for mirrors to do everything from repair skin problems to pinpoint stress levels.

Plants Are Making a Presence in Makeup and Technology

It’s no secret that plant-based foods have begun popping up on grocery shelves. Consumers are so happy that they’re clamoring for plant-based makeup and cosmetic products, too. Newer technologies allow manufacturers to extract elements from plants and other natural sources. Those elements and ingredients end up replacing animal-based ones like fats. Who would have thought that it was possible to have a completely vegan makeup kit?

Dipping Toes into the Metaverse

The full-fledged version of the metaverse may be years away. Nonetheless, some beauty companies are experimenting with ways to become early masters of the metaverse. From teasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to constructing metaverse-like virtual landing sites, beauty brand marketers are doing their best to leverage the metaverse.

Diverse Skin tone Matching Programs

Beauty doesn’t come in one color. Unfortunately, many foundation creators still haven’t put that message into action. With the assistance of beauty and technology software, foundation makers are discovering ways to produce skin tone-specific foundations. Given this fact, widespread foundation, concealer, and powder skin personalization can’t be far behind.

Wiser Toothbrushes for Smarter Smiles

Though you may go to your favorite esthetician for your skincare, you can’t afford to neglect your smile. This is why some toothbrush makers are selling smart, high-powered toothbrushes. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill electric toothbrushes, though. They capture data every time you brush, such as how long your average brushing session is. Through an app, you can find out more about your brushing technique and improve your results accordingly.

Beauty Product Patents and Blockchain

Most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. However, some blockchain advocates are trying to encourage the use of blockchains for patents. A patent created through the blockchain can never be changed, meaning it is legally binding. Having immutable patents could be a huge boom, especially for smaller beauty industry creators worried about having their ideas “borrowed” by larger cosmetic entities.

Beauty and Technology: The Perfect Marriage of Art and Science

Where will beauty tech go next? No one can be sure, although be prepared to be able to pay for your cosmetics in Bitcoin or Ethereum one of these days.

Seriously, it’s safe to assume that the latest beauty technology will continue to make the world a lovelier place. That’s good for everyone, especially those of us who enjoy being on the leading edge of the most glamorous industry across the globe. If that sounds like you, reach out to us! We would love to connect — whether that is getting you started on your own cosmetology career journey or stopping by for an appointment for one of our many services.

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