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Cortiva Institute Medical Aesthetics

Who are Paramedical Estheticians?

Paramedical Estheticians (a.k.a Medical Aestheticians) are licensed skin care specialists that focus on advanced treatment options for individuals with troubled skin. As licensed professionals in medical aesthetics, their most popular skill set is to cleanse and treat the face and body with advanced technology to enhance a person’s overall appearance.

When working in the service industry, a paramedical esthetician will perform a wide variety of tasks like:

  • Perform skin analysis for clients

  • Prescribe treatment plans and products regimens for healthier skin

  • Wax unwanted hair

  • Prep and cleanse the skin before makeup applications

  • Apply makeup and eyelash extensions

  • Coach clients on how to care for their skin at home

  • And so much more!

However, the service industry is just one nugget of the beauty world. Paramedical Estheticians can be found in dermatology offices, burn centers, long-term care facilities, blogging/vlogging, education, product launches, marketing, advertising, and in the faces of entrepreneurs worldwide -- advocating and creating the future of skincare.

Medical Aesthetician School

Paramedical estheticians (a.k.a medical aestheticians) help clients with skin conditions, skin traumas (i.e., burns, concealing redness, post-surgery care), and aging skin to heal and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.


Paramedical estheticians typically work in a more clinical setting than standard estheticians. For example, they can work in dermatologist offices, oncology, plastic surgery offices, and medical spas.

Our Paramedical Skin Care programs are dual programs. First, they include our traditional skincare programs and build upon that foundation to prepare students with the skills necessary to be employed in a medical or advanced clinical skincare environment.

Join us to gain the skills you need to work in an ever-growing beauty and wellness industry.


Dermalogica Esthetics Kit

It is important to choose a school that teaches you the information you need to get licensed AND the school that will set you apart from the others!


We are a Dermalogica Partnership School. You train with professional Dermalogica products.


Our students and staff receive training from Dermalogica business consultants and the International Dermal Institute educators. This training allows Cortiva Institute students to best prescribe treatments and products for their client's journey to their healthiest looking skin.


Graduating from our skincare program grants you the opportunity to graduate Dermalogica Certified. With this, when working with a Dermalogica account, you will have continued access to the International Dermal Institute's learning lofts for continued education and product/treatment support.



Laser Light Energy Facial

Once you graduate, you'll become a Licensed Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist) with several certifications in medical aesthetics and enhanced beauty techniques.

What does this mean?

It means your license will open a new world of opportunities for you.

Our graduates have a wide variety of professions to choose from:

  • Medical Esthetician

    • Dermatology Office

    • Hospitals

    • Plastic Surgery Facility

    • Long-Term Care Centers

    • Medical Clinic

    • Medical or Health Spa​

  • Spa or Salon Esthetician

  • Spa or Salon Manager/Coordinator

  • Cruise or Resort Facialist

  • Mobile Beautician

  • Makeup Artist

  • Beauty Brand Representative

  • Cosmetic Sales/Buyer

  • Beauty Blogger or Vlogger

  • Esthetics Writer

  • Beauty Brand Trainer or Educator

  • & so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to one of our Admission Representatives today!


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