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Why Massage Therapy Is a Great Career Path

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

  1. Ranked on Best Jobs Lists: U.S. News and World Report lists massage therapy as #11 on its Best Healthcare Support Jobs list and #64 on its 100 Best Jobs list.

  2. Multiple Career Paths: Licensed massage therapists have many available career paths. Some choose to work as private practitioners while others work in health practices, spas, and pain clinics.

  3. Flexibility: Depending on the career path one chooses; massage therapists have flexible schedules. Private massage therapists can set their own hours.

  4. Rewarding: One of the best aspects of being a massage therapist is helping people lead pain-free lives and feel better. Massage therapy is a great way for people to manage stress and pain. If you’re someone who enjoys improving others’ wellness, this is a rewarding career path.

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