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What You Need to Know about Coronavirus and Massage Therapy

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Massage with mask and gloves

If you're interested in becoming a massage therapist, it's likely that concerns regarding the coronavirus are at the top of your mind. In an industry that relies on touch, it can be intimidating to try to thrive in an environment where touching another person is dangerous and where social distancing is required. Massage therapists across the country, however, are finding new ways to work while waiting for a vaccine or other developments so that their lives and careers can return to normal. As you pursue an education at a licensed massage therapist school in Arlington, TX, here's how the world of massage therapy is adapting to the coronavirus.

Establishing an Online Presence

Though the utilization of telemedicine during the pandemic has accelerated among health care professionals, massage therapists can't practice their craft over the internet. That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't opportunities online. Many massage therapists have taken advantage of the opportunity to form a close bond with their clients online. While they may not be able to offer physical services, they can teach classes that are either related to massage or to wellness in general. Some therapists will sell or promote products as well, but even if they don't, they can benefit by keeping in touch with their clients, so they'll be able to reconnect once the pandemic winds down.

Massage during the Pandemic

Each state has its own schedule, which determines when and how a massage therapist can practice their craft. Some states have reopened early, but all states will permit massage therapy to resume at some point. For now, the therapists that are allowed to work are doing so under strict protocols. They'll keep their appointments few and far between, so clients will never have to wait in a waiting room. Strict mask wearing is enforced, and gloves are worn and then discarded after each session. While massage therapists don't have the same volume of customers they had before, they can at least keep working while practicing their craft.

Other Job Opportunities

The unique nature of the pandemic hasn't only made massage more difficult, but it's also opened up opportunities that hadn't existed before. As many of us are stuck at home, the country has relied on essential workers to keep things running. In order to keep their employees as fit and healthy as possible, some hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential businesses have hired massage therapists to hold stretching classes contact-free or over video calls.

Massage Shall Return

Human beings need human contact. This was true before the pandemic and will remain true after it's passed. The nature of massage, however, will likely be changed, at least in the short term. There may be some uneasiness among the public about the safety of such close contact, so the use of gloves and masks will likely remain with us for a while. If you're thinking about attending a massage therapy institute in Arlington, TX, you can be confident that the need for massage and for spas will remain even after COVID-19 has passed.

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