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What to Expect from Esthetician Courses in School

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

For many, a career as an esthetician offers an excellent path to a promising career involving services that continue to increase in demand. As experts in skin care, estheticians have many potential venues for employment, including work in the entertainment industry, jobs at spas and resorts, and small business ownership. The fastest path to a rewarding career in the skin care industry comes by attending esthetician skin care school in St. Petersburg, FL, to not only build critical foundational skills but also to learn how to work in the business.

There’s little doubt that the best skin care courses can prepare you with the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully work in the esthetics industry. But what exactly will you learn through these skin care courses? After all, the scope of many esthetics programs exceeds the basic knowledge involved in skin care, but also includes education on professional standards, business ethics, customer relations, and other aspects that are key to the business. Keep reading below to learn what you can expect when you attend esthetics courses at a skin care school.

The Timeline

Because there are local and regional differences in licensing and certification for estheticians, the timeline for completion of a skin care program may differ dramatically from one school to the other. Some courses offer basic education in skin care, while others may feature a longer duration. There are even schools that offer a two-year associate degree program in the esthetic arts. Because of these differences in programs, you can expect to be in skin care school for anywhere from a few weeks to two years.

You’ll Go Live

In most areas, becoming an esthetician involves more than just coursework. You’ll also need to demonstrate that the classroom knowledge you’ve obtained translates to practical, real-world skills. That includes getting hands-on experience and working with live models during the course of your education. Some esthetician schools even host a student-run spa so that students can get a first-hand idea of what it’s like to work in the business with real customers.

Anatomy and Physiology

To fully understand the role of an esthetician, one must first understand the human form, particularly the face. That’s why most esthetician and skin care schools include a heavy dose of anatomy and physiology learning. While the whole of the human body may be covered to provide a fundamental understanding of key organs and body systems, there is a special emphasis on the skin, hair, and nails. This portion of esthetician coursework may include both classroom study and laboratory learning

Skills You’ll Learn

The field of esthetics includes numerous concepts that are used to beautify the skin, care for the skin, and remove visible blemishes and imperfections from skin. The esthetician has many tools with which to achieve those goals, including procedures such as facials and masks, exfoliation techniques, massage, hair removal, skincare products, and makeup application. By learning these important skills, you can become a well-rounded and sought-after esthetician and easily find work in the industry.

Learning the Business

In esthetician school, you won’t just learn the fundamental skills you’ll need to function as a skin care expert. You’ll also learn the business side of the industry as well as what it takes to gain employment, maintain it, and even start your own salon. This part of your education may include teaching on communications skills, marketing, sales, building a client base, retail product management, and professional ethics. Once completed, you’ll have all the tools necessary to successfully work in the esthetics business.

If you want to work as an esthetician, plan on attending skin care specialist school in St. Petersburg, FL, to launch your career in the industry. With thorough education, talent, skill, and dedication, you can build a lucrative career in the field of esthetics. To learn more about what you can expect in esthetician school, contact Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School at (727) 865-4940.


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