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What Is the Best Age for Each Facial

You find the perfect, highly-trained esthetician. You’re excited to book your first facial. Then you come to the realization that you’re not sure how to answer the biggest question on your mind: “What facial should I get?”

Best Age for Each Facial

This is an important consideration. The most effective facial will be the one that’s well suited for your skin based on your age.

Below are some ways to help you figure out the best facial for your skin type:

Facials for Those in Their 20s and Younger

Unless you’ve spent your teens and 20s living in the sun without sunscreen, your skin should be fairly resilient. This means you have natural skin elasticity. Plus, you aren’t as likely to have tender skin under your eyes or wrinkles around your mouth just yet.

What are some facial options if you’re in the 20-and-younger set? Normally, you want to opt for something that includes a bit of exfoliation. Young skin can handle exfoliating better than older skin. Additionally, exfoliating can help you avoid blemishes by regenerating the top layer of skin cells.

Looking for something that will enhance your complexion? A salicylic mask or peel could work. Just be aware that some women and men find salicylic acid too harsh for their skin. In that case, a clay mask may do the trick.

Facials for Those in Their 30s and 40s

Typically, fine lines begin to appear in your 30s and 40s. Regular facials with the right kinds of ingredients can minimize the appearance of those lines. Plus, facials can be a great way to deep clean and restore a youthful flush in and around your cheeks.

If you are seeing the beginning of damage around your eyes, nose, and mouth, consider doubling up on facials mixed with a skin-tightening mask possibly followed by some fillers. For example, you could ask your esthetician to perform a brightening facial with products rich in vitamin C and collagen. Afterward, injectables like Botox might be right to give you the plumpness you’ve lost.

Facials for Those in Their 50s and Older

Turning 50 and above should be a time to celebrate, not to worry about your skin. When deciding upon the most effective facial for you, aim for ones that will nourish and not irritate. You may look years younger, but your skin still needs a caring touch. And getting older can also mean hormonal changes that may affect the needs of your skin.

Facials that rely on oxygen to give you back some of your natural colors are terrific if you’re in your 50s or 60s. Don’t worry if you’ve always loved peels: You can still undergo peels designed to be light and feathery. To get a superstar look, try an intraceutical facial. Intraceutical facials combine hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. They’re good for re-hydrating tired skin and help you rejuvenate your appearance.

Other Tips for Picking the Right Type of Facial

In addition to choosing the best facial for aging skin, middle-age skin, or younger skin, keep the following considerations in mind.

  • After selecting your primary type of facial, make sure it’s going to work for you completely. For instance, you may have sensitive skin or oily skin which makes a difference in the products you should use on your skin.

  • Ask about ingredients being used in your facial. Watch for any that might trigger allergies.

  • Talk with our esthetician about a recommendation rather than just listening to friends’ advice. Unless your friends are trained estheticians, they may steer you in the wrong direction based on what works for them. Everyone’s skin is unique.

  • Invest in the highest quality sunscreen for your skin. All the facials in the world won’t help if you keep exposing your face and neck to too much harsh UV light.

An Effective Facial at Any Age

No matter what decade of life you’re calling “home” right now, you can enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of a facial. Just take time to investigate which ones are available from your nearest esthetician so you can confidently answer the question, “How do I know what facial to get?” You’ll be glad you did—and your skin will glow.

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