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What Is Holistic Skin Care Training?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Facial with jade roller

If you've ever visited a spa, you may have heard about "holistic" skin care. Perhaps you've purchased holistic skin care products for at-home facials or had a spa day where you were given a facial by a professional esthetician who specializes in the practice. The fact is, holistic skin care programs in St. Petersburg, FL, are rapidly growing in popularity to meet the demand of clients who appreciate the benefits of healthy, beautiful looking skin that only holistic skin care practitioners can provide. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with this exciting new discipline, here are some things you should know about holistic skin care training.

A Personalized Approach

An esthetician who specializes in holistic skin care learns all the basic elements of providing care for their clients. You'll learn how to give facials, full-body treatments, and massages, but you'll also learn how to treat a patients' whole health, advising them on their nutritional and emotional needs. This extends to the different kinds of products to use on your patients in order to achieve the desired results. Just as every treatment and product is different, so are the needs of each patient. Holistic skin care courses will teach you how to choose from among the vast number of skin care products available so that you can identify which kinds work best for your clients. You'll understand the characteristics of each type of product and how to use them in the most beneficial way possible to reach the outcomes they're looking for.

Tools and Techniques

Practicing holistic skin care requires understanding and perfecting a whole array of techniques that are decidedly different than those practiced in other disciplines. You may need to use a steamer to open pores for a facial or utilize a gua sha stone or a jade roller to massage the skin and boost circulation. Even if you don't require these special tools for a massage or facial, you'll need to learn how to work deeply with the skin in a way that can relax the muscles without causing irritation. Due to the deep pressure that's needed for the best results, there's considerable risk that more problems could be inflicted on the patient if not practiced with the utmost care. Holistic skin care classes can provide you with the training that's required for safe and beneficial deep tissue massages.

Finding the Root Causes of Skin Problems

More conventional kinds of skin care rarely go beyond the surface. While they seek to provide patients with the healthiest skin possible, they don't usually try to identify hidden causes of skin problems. Holistic skin care specialists know that issues such as acne, eczema, redness, and flaking skin have their roots in other body systems that are negatively impacted by stress or a poor diet. With a deeper knowledge of skin health contributors such as nutrition and hormones, you'll be able to provide your patients with better and more long-lasting solutions.

If you'd like to learn about the practice and science of holistic skin care, contact Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School. We're the leading skin care esthetician school in St. Petersburg, FL, and we can give you the training you need to pursue an exciting new career path. Call us today at (727) 865-4940.

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