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What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Lymphatic drainage massage, sometimes called just lymphatic massage, can greatly relieve people with a medical condition known as lymphedema. However, before asking your phone for the best “lymphatic massage near me” providers, you’ll want to know more about this natural, alternative way to reduce lymphedema's discomfort and side effects.

What Is Lymphedema?

Everyone has lymph nodes in their bodies. These lymph nodes are connected by vessels that transport a fluid called lymph. This process happens consistently, effortlessly, and reliably when people are healthy. Unfortunately, many conditions can lead to problems with the lymph system. For example, women with breast cancer are at a high risk of developing lymphedema, as are those struggling with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

One of those problems is lymphedema when the fluid backs up in a certain region rather than progressing from lymph node to lymph node. This backup can be mild to severe and always causes some form of swelling. Lymphedema can occur in four stages, with stages three and four being the most cumbersome, painful, and noticeable. Typically, lymphedema affects the arms and legs. But it can also occur anywhere along the vessel lines that connect the lymph system.

How Can Lymphatic Drainage Massage Near Me Help with Lymphedema?

Because lymphedema causes side effects from itchy skin and mobility issues to difficulty fitting into clothing, many people who are diagnosed with the condition seek holistic treatments, including lymphatic drainage massage. What makes lymphatic drainage massage so appealing isn’t just that it’s drug-free. It’s because it’s a gentle way to help lymph fluid move normally.

Although it is not a cure for lymphedema, plenty of people who work with licensed massage therapists who offer lymphatic drainage massage find it effective. The key is to schedule regular massages and learn to emulate some of the techniques at home.

Lymphatic drainage massage involves activating and manipulating the skin around the site of the swelling. The massage therapist does not push on the swollen skin. Instead, the therapist makes room around the swollen area for lymph fluid to enter. A massage therapist may incorporate lymphatic drainage massage face and body applications during the same session to prompt the full-system release of lymph fluid.

Is Lymphatic Massage Going to Work for Me?

When you look at common before and after lymphatic drainage massage images, you may be surprised at how visible the outcome can be. The only way to know if your lymphedema symptoms can be helped with lymphatic massage is to go to someone well-versed in this massage therapy practice.

Why not just go to a regular massage therapist or someone self-trained in massage? Not only are you getting less value for your money, but you could also be risking your health. For instance, an unaccredited, untrained massage therapist may not know how much pressure to put on your skin. Or, the therapist may put pressure too close to your swelling. This could lead to stretching and tearing of already-tender, irritated skin, which could lead to bruising, cuts that don’t heal quickly, and infection.

Rather than taking a chance with a therapist who claims to understand the art and science of lymphatic drainage massage, ensure you’re seeing someone who has gone to school and earned accreditation for massage therapy. Taking this step will allow you to:

  • Get the best possible results from all your lymphatic drainage massage sessions.

  • Reduce the risk of leaving your massage sessions feeling worse than when you walked in.

  • Get more value for your investment in massage therapy.

  • See better results for yourself if this type of massage works for you.

  • Learn other massage tips and strategies to try to feel even better.

Now that you know more about lymphedema and lymphatic drainage massage, you can move forward with your “lymphatic massage near me” Google search with greater security and confidence. Who knows? You may discover that you enjoy it so much that you want to submit a request form to become trained yourself through Cortiva Institute. That way, you can continue the tradition of helping others through massage, just as you were helped.

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