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What Are the Next Steps after Graduating from Makeup School?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Congratulations! You’ve graduated with your makeup artist certification in Pompano Beach, FL! But what comes next? If you’re feeling nervous about graduating because you’re not sure where to go from here, don’t worry. This blog will outline the next steps you should be taking to begin pursuing a career as a makeup artist.

Begin Building a Reputation

In the world of cosmetology, reputation is everything — and that can make those first few months out of makeup school extremely difficult. But every makeup artist out there started right where you are, stepping out of school with a certificate, no clients of their own, and no reputation to speak of. That just means it’s time to start marketing yourself!

Many makeup artists choose to start as an employee at a salon. This allows them to get clients and build a reputation through the work that they do for those individuals. Others choose to go independent right away. Whichever path you choose, it’s a good idea to have a solid social media presence where you can showcase your talents as a makeup artist.

Post photos of your work on Instagram. Give makeup tutorials on YouTube. Have a website with a photo portfolio so new clients can find you and contact you. Being a makeup artist requires some significant marketing work on your part, so make sure you don’t ignore this aspect of your new career, or you’ll find it much harder to get the clients you need to earn a living in this field.

Consider Volunteer Work

Of course, as a certified and talented makeup artist, you want to be paid for your work. But when you’re just starting out, it’s important to consider volunteering your time and talents to help you build your reputation and your portfolio. Reach out to local theater groups or even school theater programs to see if they need a makeup artist for their next production. Event planning organizations are another avenue to consider.

These types of events allow you to network with potential future clients, practice your talents, and collect photos to add to your portfolio. For example, if you volunteer at a high school play, you can pass out your card to the actors, who just might need a makeup artist for prom!

Never Stop Networking

You should constantly be networking with other makeup artists in your field, as well as individuals who could be prospective clients. A good place to start is finding someone with experience in the industry that is willing to be a mentor. You might even ask your instructor at the Cortiva Institute if they’re willing and able to fill this role for you. You can assist your mentor with their clients when needed and receive valuable instruction, as well as the opportunity to meet potential future clients of your own.

Networking with other makeup artists also gives you the opportunity to receive referrals. For example, if someone reaches out to one of your fellow makeup artists to do makeup for a wedding, but they’re unavailable, they can refer that client to you.

Additionally, look into conventions and shows related to the makeup industry. Bridal shows and conventions are just one example. You can attend these and pass out your business card when you meet prospective clients.

We hope these tips take some of the anxiety of graduation off your shoulders. This is an exciting time for you as you begin your journey as a professional makeup artist. If you have any further questions about starting your career, reach out to the Cortiva Institute today!

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