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Trending Hairstyles for 2024

If the focus of the last few years has been on appreciating natural texture and easy hairstyles, 2024 has shown to be everything and a little more. As the new year brings in new beginnings of every type, now is the ideal moment to look at 2024 hairstyle trends that'll take us directly to the hairdresser for a fresh hairstyle or color. 

This year's bold and distinctive hair trends have something for everyone. You're in luck because we've compiled a list of our 2024 hairstyle predictions so you can start the year feeling and looking fresh.

6 Hairstyle Trends You Can't Miss Out on in 2024

The trending hair looks for 2024 are expected to be quite diverse; some styles and trends to watch out for include bobs, hair bows, and fluffy curly cuts. 

While some trends, like ribbons and other hair accessories, are slowly coming back, other predictions, like copper hair hues, are eternal fan favorites that are almost guaranteed to appear on any beauty trend list no matter the year.

  • More Volume By 2023, volume was a significant factor in upscale fashion. However, in 2024, it's time to adopt the 'bigger is better' mentality. We anticipate more structured haircuts that emphasize volume without going overboard with texture. We're moving away from lived-in, shaggy hair and toward a more vital, high-shine, body, and fullness moment. This may appear as layers that aren't very texturized on medium- and long-haired people. This will provide a lovely bounce and help retain your hair growth.

  • Round Curly Haircuts Although many curly haircuts highlight the inherent beauty of textured hair, experts predict that the most popular haircuts of the year is a round curly cut. This cut shapes the face, making curls appear more consistent and fuller.  Using Ice Spice's classic look as inspiration, you can switch it up with variations depending on texture and length.

  • Ribbons & Bows Although it isn't disappearing, the bow trend will undergo a makeover in 2024. When it comes to bows, the only thing better than one is two or more. As more people continue to incorporate bows into their hair, cosmetics, and clothing, "bow stacking" is predicted by Pinterest to be one of the hottest 2024 hairstyle trends. The growing popularity of hair bows is perhaps the most unambiguous indication of the subtle style's broad appeal. Some even use ribbons to add tiny bows to any hairstyle they please.

  • Mini Bobs With the current preference for shorter lengths, one of the popular haircuts of the year is the "mini bob," which can fall anywhere from the jawline to the cheekbones. This look is short, clean, and playful while stylish at the same time, with its chin-framing shape and jaw-skimming length. You can experiment with blunt cuts that can be worn extraordinarily sleek or softened with waves and curls. These short bobs are versatile enough to work in various settings, showcasing their ability to take on bold or delicate looks. 

  • Copper Hues It appears that red and copper hair shades will continue to be one of the trending hair looks this year. To accentuate this "kettle copper" color, you can combine peach and apricot colors throughout the hair. The blurred facial frame blends well with the background hue. Although this sleek new shade of red has been in the spotlight for a long time, we predict that it still has the potential to stay relevant throughout the year.

  • Sleek Hair You've probably heard of the concept of glass skin in any cosmetology program, and it's also making its way into our hair. Glass hair gets its name from hair that is so smooth and glossy that it looks like reflecting glass.  High-end fashion is influencing the growing appeal of glossy finishes and velvety hair. This can be achieved with at-home glossing treatments, multi-dimensional shine in-salon coloring, or proper at-home haircare.

Applying heat with straighteners is also necessary to create sleek hair, so remember to use a heat protectant. Your hair must be hydrated and healthy with lots of oils and masks.

Now that you're familiar with the 2024 hairstyle predictions, why don't you try some out yourself? If you want to be a hair expert, enroll in Cortiva programs today to bring the future of hair to life.


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