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Top Vitamins and Supplements to Add to Your Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin isn’t just a way to prevent early aging and smooth out pesky wrinkles; it’s also a massive part of a healthy lifestyle. Since the skin is the largest organ in the human body, keeping it healthy and caring for it is essential since it offers many benefits for your health.

However, developing a good skincare routine doesn’t just mean running to the spa every weekend for a facial (though we’re always happy to recommend a facial). Instead, one of the best ways to take care of your skin is by adding essential vitamins and nutrients. Here are the four best vitamins and supplements to add to your skincare routine.

1. Make Sure to Take a Multivitamin

While your doctor may have already recommended taking a daily multivitamin, those supplements can also help your skin. Multivitamins are a great addition to your skincare routine because they usually include several different vitamins necessary for skin health.

Dermatologists and estheticians recommend vitamins C and E due to their antioxidant properties, especially for those looking to repair and prevent further sun damage. And, of course, no skincare regimen is complete without adding vitamin A. It is one of the most effective antiaging tools available today (it’s often known as retinoids) since it’s vital for cell growth and renewal.

2. Try Adding Super B Complex to Your Routine

Those with an oily skin type might struggle with acne, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. One of the best ways to deal with issues, such as acne flare-ups, is using super b complex vitamins. These vitamins can also help with sensitive skin and keep your skin looking hydrated and plump.

Super b complex vitamins provide an effective mixture of several different b vitamins, notably B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin). Thiamine helps with irritated, dry skin that might look red or uneven and can help with the appearance of wrinkles, while riboflavin is crucial to balancing the skin’s natural oils.

These vitamins pack a big punch, especially when your skin needs help regulating oil production. Super b complex vitamins are particularly great for those struggling with hormonal imbalances. Because a super b complex vitamin helps to balance the skin’s natural barrier, it’s great for keeping the skin hydrated and healthy, making it a crucial part of preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.

3. Glycerol And Fatty Acids Are Essential

Glycerol might seem like a forbidding word, but the truth is, most skincare these days includes some form of glycerol. One of the reasons that glycerol has been used in skincare for years is its unique ability to retain and bring in moisture. Glycerol helps to keep your skin strong and hydrated and protects it from environmental damage. We recommend using it during the winter when harsh cold and strong winds can cause dry, tight skin.

Fatty acids are another essential part of any good skincare routine. While you’re probably already aware of the need for fatty acids in your diet, did you also know that fatty acids ensure that your skin looks younger and plumper, giving you a youthful, healthy glow?

Getting the glycerol and fatty acids your skin needs means eating a healthy balanced diet, using a solid facial oil, and taking an omega fatty acid supplement.

4. Nutricosmetics Are the Future of Skincare

Nutricosmetics are dietary supplements designed for the skin, and they’re one of beauty’s hottest trends. You may have noticed the recent increase in collagen supplements offered by cosmetic companies.

Collagen supplements are an excellent supplement to your vitamin routine since collagen is essential for your skin, keeping it plump and healthy. While you can get collagen from a nutritious diet, adding extra collagen can help with skin elasticity. The good news is that many collagen supplements are also vegan. Collagen peptides can help slow your skin’s natural aging process by giving it the amino acids it needs to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Becoming a licensed esthetician can give you the knowledge and techniques you need to deliver the skincare results your clients need. The Cortiva Institute offers certification courses for general and medical estheticians designed to help you prepare for an outstanding career. Check out our website today!

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