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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Skin Care Program

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

If you’ve decided that you want a career that allows you to work in the beauty industry, you may have considered the rapidly growing field of skin care. People desire youthful-looking skin these days, so more people than ever before are concerned with keeping a healthy glow and protecting their skin from harmful elements. The fastest path to a career in the beauty industry comes through skin care courses in St. Petersburg, FL, as they offer the professional training you’ll need to provide your clients with high-quality service that will keep them looking young and flawless.

A career in the field of skin care can be rewarding, but to make the biggest impact personally and professionally, you’ll need the right kind of training from the right skin care institute. Keep reading to learn how you can choose the right skin care program to propel your new career to great heights.

Learn about the Curriculum

The knowledge you gain from skin care school will only be as good as the curriculum, so it’s important to investigate what the schools you’re considering will teach you. Look for a well-rounded curriculum that offers a wide range of course options but still maintains a deep enough focus on key components to ensure comprehension and proficiency. Because this is a manual profession, it’s critical that your education includes a heavy load of hands-on experience. You can have all the theoretical knowledge you need and still not be confident as a skin care professional without hands-on experience. The curriculum of the school you choose should include plenty of opportunities to demonstrate and test your knowledge gained in the classroom.

Ask about Career Support

One of the primary fringe benefits of attending skin care school is that you can harness the power of a built-in network of cosmetology professionals who can improve your chances of finding employment after graduation. Not only will your instructors be veteran professionals with ties to the industry, but many skin care schools will offer placement services to graduates to help them find suitable employment. You may be able to find a position by yourself, but why not attend a school that will help transition you from the classroom to your career?


There’s probably not a student in any skin care program who didn’t list cost as one of the primary concerns when selecting a school. While there may be some correlation between the cost of the school and the quality of the program, don’t assume that lower cost schools are inferior to those that charge a premium. Investigate the costs associated with the schools you’re considering, but also pay special attention to the services that you’ll receive and the success of students who graduate. If a school costs a little more but offers more intensive training and has a high rate of placement upon graduation, it may be well worth the additional charge.

If you’re planning to attend skin care training school in St. Petersburg, FL, make sure to consider these factors before making your final selection. By thinking these factors through, you can find the best program for you that will offer a full line of training services and career placement at an affordable cost. To learn more about choosing the right skin care program, contact Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy and Skin Care School at

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