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Top Reasons Why Makeup Artists Should Incorporate Hair Styling

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

  • Meet more client needs: Whether your client is getting married, preparing for a photoshoot, or getting styled for a special event, they would probably prefer having all their needs met in one place. A makeup artist who also knows how to style hair can offer their clients all-inclusive packages and meet the needs of more clients.

  • Earn more money: The easiest way to boost your income is to fill two roles. The more skills you have, the higher a salary you can demand from a salon. If you work for yourself, you can increase your prices when you include makeup and hairstyling services.

  • Salons prefer multi-talented applicants: Are you planning on working for a salon? If so, knowing basic hairstyling techniques makes your application stand out. Makeup artists with more than one cosmetology skill have a competitive edge against those with limited skills.

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