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Top Industries to Work in as a Makeup Artist

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Whether you’re considering makeup school, have been enrolled for a while, or are about to graduate, it’s always a good idea to consider what all of your career options will be after receiving your makeup artist certification in St. Petersburg, FL. There are a surprising number of career fields that require the expertise of an exceptional makeup artist. Here are a few that you might want to consider looking into.

Movies and TV

Obviously, no movie set or TV shoot would be complete without the presence of a few makeup artists. From basic makeup applications to make the actors look their best to complex special effects makeup that creates aliens, monsters, and other characters, makeup artists help to create the finished product that audiences enjoy.

The chance to work with celebrities is, of course, very appealing, which makes this a field that many makeup artists hope to break into one day. You likely won’t be able to get a job on a Hollywood set right out of makeup school, but keep working, establish a reputation for yourself, and perfect your craft, and you might just be working for the stars someday!


As models strut down the runway, they’re showing off more than the outfits they wear; they’re showing off their hairstyles and makeup as well. Makeup artists are essential to completing the look that fashion designers have envisioned. And, because designers’ visions can vary so widely, you’ll need to be able to create every look from the most understated to the most extravagant. So be sure to practice a bit of everything if you want to break into this field!


When you think of careers in advertising, you’re probably thinking of those who write the ad copy or design the layouts and logos. But many advertisements involve models, and models need makeup artists. From print ads to TV commercials, the advertising world relies on makeup artists every day to help their actors and models look the part and sell their products.


From the big stages of Broadway to small, local venues, every play production needs makeup. Much like film and television, the makeup artists involved may need to create simple, understated looks for the actors, or they may need to create elaborate costumes with makeup and prosthetics, depending on the production. You’ll also be responsible for any makeup changes that might happen between scenes, as well as any necessary touchups. You’ll need to be at every performance, just like the actors, and you’ll be an essential part of the crew.

Weddings and Proms

Many brides and prom-goers hire professional makeup artists to help them to get ready for their big day or big dance. This type of career can be done either through a salon as an employee or as an independent makeup artist with your own business. There’s no wrong way to go about it, and whichever path you choose, you’ll be helping people look their best for one of the most memorable days of their lives.

So, which career path will you take? Whichever one appeals to you most, the first step is to enroll in the best makeup school in St. Petersburg, FL. Contact the Cortiva Institute today to learn more about becoming a student!

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