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Top 3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Professional Massage

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Top 3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Professional Massage
  1. Promote better sleep: A 60-minute massage within a few hours of going to sleep prepares the body for rest. The massage loosens muscles, restores cell circulation, and helps the body fall into a deeper sleep.

  2. Lowers stress and anxiety: Massage is great for mental health when used in conjunction with talk therapy and prescribed medications. Used as a holistic add-on to traditional mental health therapies, many people find their depressive symptoms decrease significantly with regular massage therapy.

  3. Relief for migraines and tension headaches: People who have recurring migraines and tension headaches often find regular massages offer lasting relief. Massage therapy releases endorphins and calms the peripheral nervous system, which plays a huge role in headache severity.


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