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Tips for a Successful Career as an Esthetician

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Client paying for service

Are you interested in a career as an esthetician? The skin care industry is booming, and quality skin treatments are in high demand. If you’re interested in this line of work, finding the best skin care courses in Maitland, FL, gets you the experience and credentials needed to begin your career. Achieving success in the skin care industry goes beyond choosing the right skin care courses. Read more below for some tips for having a successful career as an esthetician.

Focus on Your Passion

Do what you love, and you’ll achieve boundless success. Although this sounds like a motivational social media post, it’s true. Learning skin therapy basics at a skin care training school is where you start, but what sets you apart from everyone else in the industry? What is it about skin care that you love most? Is it helping people achieve long-lasting results using holistic methods? Are you interested in how dietary changes affect the skin’s texture and appearance? Following your passion and finding your niche in the industry opens up doors. It allows you to specialize and hone your craft, creating services that people want and will pay you generously for your expertise.

Improve Your Product Knowledge

The best estheticians research products and offer a curated selection to their clients based on their knowledge and belief in the product. You don’t want to promote products that work against the skin care treatments your clients receive. You want your clients to have success with the products you suggest. Not only does this enhance the effects of the treatments they receive from you, but it can also create another revenue stream. Many salons and spas pay commissions on products your clients buy based on your recommendations.

Networking Is a Must

The skin care industry is vast and offers recent graduates of skin care certificate programs many opportunities. You won’t know what opportunities are available if you don’t network with others in the industry. Networking helps you form professional relationships with other individuals in the health and wellness industry. These are individuals that can be very important to your career by providing future client referrals.

Set Prices Based on Worth

Whether you’re working on your own or contracting with a spa, you must know your worth. How much is your expertise worth to the spa? How much is it worth to your clients? A mistake that new estheticians make is looking at the going rate for skin care professionals without considering specialized training they may have. If you’re skilled in advanced techniques, your rate should reflect this expertise.

Another mistake new skin care program graduates make is setting their base price low and expecting to earn more through tips. While many clients tip at spas, they don’t always do this in private settings. Skin care professionals who work for themselves often receive small tips or no tips at all because the client knows the esthetician is getting the full amount paid for the service.

Continue Learning

The learning doesn’t end when you graduate from a skin care program. The skin care industry constantly grows, and new products and therapies are always on the horizon. Continuing education is important for estheticians, so they always give their clients the best services. Many skin care schools offer advanced courses, and skin care lines also offer training for estheticians. Even if you can’t find time to take in-person classes, improve your knowledge by reading up on the latest advancements in the industry and take advantage of online courses.

If a career as an esthetician is something that interests you, contact Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy and Skin Care School, a skin care specialist school in Maitland, FL, by calling 407-261-0319.

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