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Social Trends to Grow Your Beauty Brand

With constantly changing trends, companies are always dealing with how to stay relevant to consumers.

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Makeup artists and other beauty professionals know the importance of building a brand customers love and continuously return to — as do beauty brands and companies.

Once you’ve nailed your niche, message, and product and service offerings, the challenge becomes figuring out how to grow your brand and how to stay relevant. What makes a great makeup artist or a great brand? It is consistency, strength, and relevancy.

First, you should learn the skills, knowledge, and training you need to succeed in this space — such as through the programs at the Cortiva Institute. Then you can take the steps and learn ways to grow your brand further.

Social media is a great place to expand your audience and reach for your beauty brand. Your potential audience reach is endless, with nearly 4 billion active social media accounts. The opportunity is endless. The right social media strategy can help your business grow organically, reach more customers, and receive great reviews.

Here are four social media trends your beauty brand should utilize to hit your growth goals, whether you want to expand your brand or be a beauty brand representative.

1. Influencer Marketing

With more than 60% of women following beauty influencers on social media, looking to them for product recommendations, tips, and tricks, it is no secret influencer marketing needs to be a strategy of your company.

Influencers provide customer testimonials directly to consumers via social media platforms with massive followings. They talk about your product, giving marketing to direct and niche audiences.

Collaborating with influencers who share the brand’s values and aesthetic can help gain exposure, build credibility, and reach new audiences. Brands need to update and refresh their influencer marketing strategies continuously.

2. Customer Testimonials

Speaking of customer testimonies, it is crucial to have people talking about how great your brand is and show it off. If it is not through influencers, let your customers speak about your products or services.

Maybe you add a section to your website for customer testimonials to be showcased or direct them to retail sites, social media sites, or pages to promote your brand.

To go a step further, respond to those comments if you can. Customers love feeling heard, too. Whether you receive a negative or positive comment, responding to testimonies allows you to create relationships with your customer base and show you are receptive.

And most importantly, don’t neglect feedback. Be empathetic to every customer and comment.

3. Inclusivity

Being inclusive will never go out of style. Everything from your social media comments sections, promotional materials and advertisements, and products should be catering to and reaching the widest audience possible.

You want your brand to be accessible, relatable, and relevant. To stay on top of pop culture and to remain relevant, watch the news, use social media, and listen to influencers.

To reach more potential customers, utilize multiple channels to streamline your content and marketing methods.

4. Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing involves posting your brand and content across various sites, such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever. This allows you and your brand to reach the maximum number of users and potential customers possible.

By using multichannel marketing, beauty brands can stay relevant on social media by catering to the unique features of each platform. For example, a brand might use Instagram to showcase its products through visually stunning posts and stories. At the same time, on TikTok, they can create engaging and educational videos on makeup tips and tricks.

By using various channels, brands can diversify their audience and reach different demographics, expanding their customer base and ultimately staying relevant in an ever-changing social media landscape.

If you are thinking about starting or expanding your beauty business or career, it is crucial to do your research. For more information about makeup artist or esthetician programs, advice, and opportunities, visit our website and contact us today to learn more.

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