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How to Grow Your Clientele as a Paramedical Esthetician

Life as a paramedical esthetician is rewarding and lucrative, allowing you to build long-term relationships with people of all demographics. You’ll also help them meet their skincare needs. That said, you must take the time to learn the best practices of the trade and how to grow and retain a large client base.

What is a Paramedical Esthetician?

Paramedical estheticians are licensed skincare professionals who provide services for people with skin conditions. Compared to more cosmetics-focused skincare professionals, they are best known for working with clients who require medical skincare services, such as burn victims.

A paramedical esthetician’s daily job duties will include carrying out a variety of tasks, including:

  • Performing skin analysis procedures

  • Prescribing facial treatment plans and product regimens

  • Hair wax services

  • Prepping and cleansing the client’s skin before applying makeup

  • And much more!

Esthetician vs Cosmetologist: What’s the Difference?

Although paramedical estheticians and cosmetologists might seem like related professions, they’re two distinct yet similar fields. Whereas cosmetologists focus on total-body beautification, like hair and nail styling, makeup, etc., paramedical estheticians are medical skincare professionals who usually work in specializations such as plastic surgery, dermatology, and oncology.

Although they sometimes provide cosmetic skincare services or consultations, they’re much more homed in on medical skin analysis and facial treatment.

Now that we’ve clarified how paramedical estheticians ply their trade let’s take a deep dive at how they expand and maintain their client base.

Grow Your Clientele

Knowing how to get clients and how to keep those clients satisfied is one of the most crucial aspects of a paramedical esthetician’s career. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies to do just that:

1. Get Proper Training and Keep Learning!

Receiving the proper education and job training is essential for any trade, and paramedical esthetics is no exception. Completing paramedical esthetics certification coursework from a reputable institution sets you up perfectly for a career in the field and drastically reduces your liability for medical malpractice or similar adversities. That said, learning doesn’t always end when you graduate: Staying in pace with the latest and greatest professional techniques and technology is paramount if you want to attract the most discerning clientele.

2. Build a Brand

In case you’re behind on the times, blatant self-promotion isn’t tacky anymore: In fact, it’s almost expected. Most paramedical estheticians might understandably expect the medical spa or plastic surgeon’s office they work for to handle all marketing and outreach efforts. But an active approach almost always creates better results than passivity.

A stellar social media presence is an excellent way to advertise your skills in our increasingly digital society. For example, collect before-and-after photos and showcase them on your page, create or share educational content, and grow your following via consistent activity and audience engagement.

3. Focus on Client Retention

While personable and professional service will go a long way toward building a pipeline of repeat customers, there’s no advantage to stopping there. Maintaining relationships with your clients shows them you’re invested in their continued well-being and dramatically increases the likelihood they’ll stick with you rather than seek a new esthetician.

Be sure to follow up with clients after their visit to ensure you are satisfied with their expectations and don’t be afraid to check in with regulars you haven’t heard from in a while. Loyalty and referral programs are also effective ways to keep clients rolling in. For example, for every ninth facial treatment or hair wax, offer a tenth for free. Did one of your regulars recommend you to a friend or family member? Perfect! Give them a skin analysis—on the house.

Are you interested in pursuing a profession in the skincare industry? The Cortiva Institute offers certification courses for cosmetic and medical estheticians designed to help you achieve a satisfying and long-lasting career in the skincare industry. Check out our website today!

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