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How to Give a Hot Stone Massage

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

If you are interested in becoming a massage therapist, you are interested in so much more than just helping another person feel good. You are investing in a future where you will be a boon to the health of the people you treat. Massage does wonders for both physical and mental health. Not only that, but there are so many different kinds that can help in many ways.

Woman getting hot stone massage

Today, we will be discussing hot stone massage. Because you are dealing with heat, you must be trained in this discipline. However, once you have the proper education, you will be able to provide a great service for your clients and make you highly desirable for employers.

So, let’s look at what hot stone massage is, what you’ll need to learn, and also discuss some hot stone massage benefits.

The practice of hot stone massage

You will need the appropriate equipment to give a proper hot stone massage. First, of course, you will need hot stones for massage. You will want stones of various sizes ranging from the size of a large hand to smaller ones the size of a palm. You will also need boiling water, tongs (or something similar to pick up something hot) and oil.

Once you have these items, you are ready to go. Here is how to give a hot stone massage:

1. Heat the stones to between 138 and 145 degrees. You must keep the stones in this range because they must be neither too cold nor too hot. If they are too cold, the massage will not be effective; if they are too hot, you could burn your client.

2. Rub oil into the stones. This will allow the heat to be a more effective element of the massage.

WARNING: Many advertisements show hot stones placed directly on the body of the recipient of a hot stone massage, but that is purely for aesthetic effect. You should never put a hot stone directly on the skin; instead, there should be a barrier in between.

3. Place four small stones on the recipient’s face. Some people like to do this in different ways; some will chill the stones, and some will use stones without oil, but this is what is agreed upon—one stone should be placed on the forehead, one on each cheek, and one just below the lips.

4. Place stones on the body. You will want to place two stones in the palms of the recipient, two on their sternum, and two on their collarbone. At this point, your client should be falling into deep relaxation.

5. Massage the client with a stone. While the weight of the other stones is doing its work, massage your client with another stone. This part will generally differ from client to client, as some may prefer more pressure, and some may prefer less.

6. Remove the stones and turn the body over. After you have thoroughly massaged the front of your client, it is time to move to their back. You may want to let them rest for a minute with the stones still on before having them turn over for the sake of their relaxation.

7. Change out your stones. You always want your stones to be at the proper temperature, so now is when you will want to switch out the stones you used on the front for some new ones.

8. Place stones. Here, you will want to place one stone on each shoulder blade and one stone behind each of the kneecaps. To go the extra mile, you can put small stones between each toe of each foot.

9. Oil the area you intend to massage. Apply oil to the areas you intend to massage. If you need to remove a stone for a second to do this, go ahead; just remember to replace it once you have rubbed oil into the skin.

10. Massage. You can do this in a few different ways. Some prefer to do this with hot stones, while others prefer to do it with their hands as if it were a typical massage. Of course, your client, if they are experienced in getting this treatment, might also have their preference. When you are new to hot stone massage, it is good to play around with different techniques to know what works for you and have some versatility.

If a hot stone spa sounds like your calling, please contact Cortiva Institute today!

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