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How to Do Your Makeup Like Barbie

If you want to look like Barbie, whether you are trying to do your makeup for your everyday life or a costume party, there are several ways that you can achieve a Barbie-like appearance. One of the best and most effective ways to transform yourself is to do your makeup like her! A Barbie makeup look may seem difficult to achieve. However, you can do a few things to have your face look like Barbie in no time!

Doing Your Barbie Makeup

You need to do several things to achieve the perfect Barbie makeup look.

Begin with a Flawless Face

Barbie is known for her flawless skin, so yours must match! You should wash your face at least two times daily and moisturize to create the perfect natural shimmer and shine. Other ways to improve the appearance of your skin include always wearing sunscreen when outside, always taking off your makeup before bed, and treating any pimples with spot cream medication.

Apply Your Foundation

With the proper foundation, you will be well on your way to creating an exceptional Barbie makeup look. Applying a foundation that matches the tone of your skin perfectly is important. However, you should spray the airbrush onto the back side of your hand and apply it with a stippling brush. This will create an even and flawless finish. Cover any dark circles near your eyes with a high-coverage concealer, and finish your look with a powder puff of loose powder.

Contour is Important

Barbie is known for her flawless and tiny nose. To achieve this with your Barbie makeup look, you need to contour your nose to make it appear smaller. A matt brown eye shadow and a thin makeup brush can make all the difference when contouring the side of your nose. After creating a straight line spanning from the inside edge of your eyebrow, you want to lightly take a fan brush and feather out the lines. This will blend them in and create a more natural look.

Apply Eyeshadow

What Barbie makeup would be complete without the perfect eyeshadow? You must apply a light blue eye shadow evenly all over your eyelids. Next, a matte white eye shadow is needed along the inner circles of your eyes. This will help to widen your eyes and help you achieve that key Barbie look. With bright pink eyeshadow, make a semi-circular line from edge to edge on your eyelid crease. Finally, use dark blue and line the crease of your eyelid to form a more distinct line between the pink and light blue eyeshadow.

Add Eyeliner and False Lashes

To achieve your Barbie makeup look, you need to take white eyeliner and use it on the inside of your lower eyelash. Highlighting your water line will make your eyes appear wider and larger. False eyelashes are another key item to have in your Barbie makeup set. You want to select the style that provides you with the closest Barbie look possible. Apply the eyelashes with the supplied glue to ensure they fit securely. A half strip of false lashes should also be applied to your lower lash line, along the outer corner to the center area of your eye.

Finish off with Blush and Pink Lip Gloss

No Barbie makeup is complete without touches of pink on the cheeks and eyes! Use a shimmery pink lip gloss on your lips. Apply it with a lip brush to ensure you can truly define the edges of your lips. This will help you achieve a more distinct shape.

A touch of rosy powder blush, applied with a brush, will help finish your Barbie makeup look and bring everything together. To create a more doll-like effect, you can line the outside of your lips with a touch of concealer. Finish blending the concealer with a brush and top it off with loose powder along your top lip.

Let Cortiva Institute Help!

If you are interested in mastering the Barbie makeup look and other stylish techniques, reach out to our Cortiva Institute team today for more information!

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