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How Much Time It Takes to Become a Professional Massage Therapist

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Why Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is an amazing career field for people who want to help others heal their bodies and minds. There’s a lot of meaning in this work due to the scope of healing it offers. Not only can massage therapy help to alleviate muscle aches or tension in the body, but it also can be extremely beneficial for managing stress and anxiety. Choosing to become a massage therapist is a big decision, so you’ll want to understand the education and time commitment completely. Looking into massage school in King of Prussia, PA, is a great first step!

Why School?

Getting the education necessary is what will set you up for success as a massage therapist. Once you have a certification, or even better, a license, it’ll be much easier to find your own path in this field. Proper training will give you credibility and ensure trust with your future clients. Unlike other health occupations, massage therapy schooling isn’t nearly as extensive or expensive. Looking at massage therapy school fees can give you insight as to how much this will cost. Many schools offer financing options and scholarships to help with the financial burden. It’s important to find a well-acclaimed and legitimate program. The best massage therapy schools offer a wide range of classes and want to work around your schedule. This certification isn’t something that can be completed overnight. It will take time, dedication, and focus.

How Much Time Will It Take?

This is a rather difficult question to answer because it differs for everyone. If you focus full time on finishing your certification, then it’s possible to complete it in as quickly as 5 months. However, many factors come into play. Some programs are very hands-on and, although they will require a lot of time in the classroom, the access to professionals and instructors leads to exceptional training. On the other hand, some programs are mostly or fully online, which can help you complete this much more quickly. In the end, you must ask yourself about your own time and commitment level. If, for example, a professor isn’t quite confident in your ability to perform massages independently, they may require additional practice hours to ensure your success.

What Happens When I’m Done with School?

First, you’ll want to understand your local market and potential client base. You’ll want to ask yourself what your massage therapy career will look like in that environment. Knowing that your massage therapy certification won’t be cheap, you’ll want to reflect seriously on your potential success before you embark on the training. Take some time to determine if you want to work in a spa or a medical setting, and do some research around options in your area. Also, finding a niche need in your area can help give you more of a competitive advantage.

If you’re interested in taking this career to the next level and earning a higher salary, more specialized training is available by going back to school. Understanding the initial massage school cost in King of Prussia, PA, can help you decide how much further education you may want to pursue. Head to and check out Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School, which offers a great program to jump-start your massage therapy career!


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