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How Massage Education Changes the Quality of Your Profession

Massage therapy is a more challenging profession than many people believe. The education, training, and experience needed to become a skilled message therapist have evolved and improved over the years, largely due to demand from people within the profession itself. Although some may think massage therapy certification cost in Maitland, FL, is just another barrier to overcome before you start work, it actually represents decades of educational development and advancements in the field. The quality of the profession has largely been enhanced by improvements in education and professional standards, which are reflected in the certification process.


Before common practices and certifications were established, massage therapy was primarily performed by experienced therapists with little or no background in adult education. This created serious problems. While being a capable message therapist is certainly necessary, it’s not sufficient to communicate those skills in a comprehensible way to new students. Ongoing challenges like this encouraged the establishment of the Alliances for Message Therapy Education (AFMTE) and the adoption of basic standards and practices.


Becoming a capable educator is something that has to be learned, much like massage therapy itself. No one is born being an exemplary educator. As an emphasis on adult education was adopted, instructors received training in basic concepts such as creating lesson plans, utilizing different formats for presenting content, and developing test questions or other evaluation methods. Giving these educators the tools and resources they need in order to be successful also became a priority. After all, teaching methods tend to advance over time, and technology provides benefits that weren’t accessible previously.


Collectively, this focus on education, training, and development has made massage therapy education more effective and accessible to new students. Ideally, no one with a passion for massage therapy or any of the other healing or restorative arts should be denied the ability to learn and apply these valuable skills. Unfortunately, ineffective education, lacking trusted guidelines, and inconsistent practices created a hardship for many years.

The Coalition of National Message Therapy Organizations includes many related organizations that have done their best to improve educational practices and enact meaningful guidelines and industry standards. This collection of best practices is reflected in the certification process. All message therapists appreciate the importance of proper training and the application of their skills in a responsible and respectful way. Many people rely on message therapy for their health and well-being. It would do a disservice to them to lower these demanding standards.


Yes, it’s perhaps a bit unfortunate that you can’t rush out and begin working as a message therapist as soon as your classes are completed, but certifications exist for good reason. In addition to the demands of businesses and insurance companies, a certification provides you with proof of your accomplishment and assures clients that you know what you’re doing. Your certification isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s much more than that.

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