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How Anxiety Affects Your Body and How to Overcome It

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Relaxing massage

Anxiety is something that everyone faces in their lives at one point or another. You’ve probably experienced your fair share of it throughout your life. Did you know that anxiety can have strong, adverse effects on the body? Well, it can. Luckily, there are ways to cope with and overcome anxiety so that the body isn’t affected as much. You can help others overcome their own anxieties in many ways, such as by providing support, talking and listening to them, or even giving a good massage. The best way to learn about massage therapy and how it can help the body is by attending a certified massage therapist school in Arlington, TX.

Adverse Effects on the Mind

You probably know as well as anyone else that anxiety is a taxing emotion that exhausts the mind and body. Anxiety can make it difficult to think straight or sleep properly. The longer you have been struggling with anxiety, the less you’ll be able to sleep and the more your brain functions will be inhibited. You may also start to notice your moods becoming erratic as you aren’t giving your mind the rest it needs. When you don’t deal with the things that are causing you anxiety, you will face more mental anguish, and that starts to take a toll on your body.

Adverse Effects on the Body

Anxiety has some interesting effects on the body. When you experience anxiety, you tense your muscles regularly, which can cause some soreness and stiffness. If you’re experiencing sleep loss because of your anxiety, then you’ll notice some outward changes to your body as well. One major change will be weight gain. This can be because of the way your body is trying to store and burn energy without you resting. It can also be because a common coping mechanism for people experiencing anxiety is to overeat and not exercise.

Coping with and Overcoming Anxiety

There are many ways to deal with anxiety so that it won’t have adverse effects on your body. You can attend therapy sessions, exercise, maintain a healthy diet, and practice deep breathing. All of these things can help you to deal with the anxiety head-on or help you to give your body the nutrients and rest that it needs in order to help you get back on track so that your mind can start working as it should again. Another thing that you can do is to treat yourself to a massage in order to help you destress and relax.

How Massage Helps Anxiety

When someone is experiencing anxiety, one of the healthiest ways to cope is to find a way to relax. Massage therapy helps to ease the tension in muscles caused by being constantly anxious. The soothing setting of a massage room can help you to remember to breathe deeply and gives you space to reflect on your thoughts. This means your body and your mind are able to relax. It’s easier to overcome anxiety when you have the time and space to really process the emotion rather than let it build up over time.

In order to help your own or anyone else’s anxiety, you can attend an accredited massage therapy school in Arlington, TX. Get started on your journey to healthy living by visiting Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School online at


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