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Eye-Catching Lash Trends That Only Makeup Artists Can Do

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Inspire and Impress with the Latest Eyelash Trends

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, that must mean the eyelashes are the curtains — able to block strangers out with a wince or let loved ones in with a simple, flirtatious flutter. They are fascinating little things: Pleasing to the eye while also protective of it.

Yet somehow, despite their proximity to the eyes, lashes often get under-looked when it comes to accentuating one’s most important, naturally beautiful features: the eyes. Long, luscious eyelashes make them sparkle and are amazing additions to important-day appearances, from dream weddings and high school proms “under the sea” to anniversary parties or impromptu Friday date nights. But as we grow older, our eyelashes struggle to keep up. Length, thickness, and even pigmentation begin to lessen as we age.

Professional intervention in the form of gasp-inducing (lash extensions) is one easy way to combat shorter, thinner eyelashes. You’ve found our website because you’re interested in a career as a (professional makeup artist). In this post, we’ll discuss all things eyelashes and how they fit into your overall service offerings. There’s more than meets the eye.

The Complicated Nature of Eyelashes

Before we explore the hottest (eyelash trends) and styles in 2021, let’s review the peculiar anatomy of our eyelashes. Were you aware that your lower eyelid holds three or four rows of up to 80 total lashes? The upper lids are even more crowded, with up to 160 lashes spread out among five or six rows. Each of our 240-some eyelashes has an individual life cycle that spans four to 11 months, with lashes growing approximately 0.13 millimeters per day before eventually dying, falling out, and starting the growth cycle all over again.

Equal parts creepy and fascinating, right? Figures that something so beautiful would be complicated as well. The only times we seem to take notice is when we want them to appear thicker, longer, and fuller — or one gets lodged in between the lid and the eye itself. In both instances, we tend to curse them and their plight — lashing out at lashes, in a sense. They’re never good enough.

It’s time we celebrate the wonder of eyelashes. If you’re going to (become a professional makeup artist), you’ll want to know all about (lash extension application) and the latest in exciting (eyelash trends). The Cortiva Institute has you covered like a worn-out mascara wand.

The Hottest (Eyelash Trends) Today

Innovations in eyelashes are always happening. What stood out five years ago is old news by now, as envelope-pushing professionals and manufacturers continue to test the boundaries of what is possible — and in vogue.

In 2021, there are a few main trends to be aware of when it comes to lash extensions. Those include these three applications:

· Hybrid lashes — Using a combination of classic and volume lashes, stylists (soon to be you!) can create custom looks for customers that fit their exact specifications. This is a great approach for achieving fuller lashes without being overly dramatic.

· Volume lashes — Those suffering from sparse or especially thin eyelashes may want the powerful effect a set of volume lashes provides. In this technique, up to eight lash extensions are applied to each individual eyelash for a dreamy, dramatic look. This is a complex application that can only be completed by certified professionals.

· Extreme volume lashes — Move over, Marilyn Monroe — these Hollywood-premiere-worthy extensions are ultra-glamorous and provide an intense lash line. Stylists affix up to five lashes to each natural lash, all of which extend past the real lash by up to 2 millimeters.

(How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist)

When you want to start working toward your professional makeup artist certifications, the first step is enrolling at an accredited institute of higher learning, such as Cortiva Institute, that specializes in makeup and skin care. In as little as six months, our students undergo 600 hours of coursework — half spent on skin care and related treatments, and the other half on the art and science of makeup and all of its applications.

We’re here to promote you and your future career, and we have two main objectives: to train our students in the theories and techniques of skin care (including facials, basic peels, and waxing's), as well as the essentials of makeup applications and lash services. Once you’ve completed your coursework, you will be prepared to seek gainful employment in your beauty field of choice, be it a special-events makeup artist, an independent eyelash technician or anything in between.

When you’re ready to take control of your future career and enroll at one of the highest-performing makeup artistry schools in the country, reach out to Cortiva Institute.

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