Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Have your salon guests asked for more eco-friendly beauty options? Health and wellness go beyond eating healthier and exercising more. Today’s environmentally conscious consumer wants to make sure they’re not exposing their skin and hair to harmful substances. Salons that place an emphasis on offering safe and natural hair and skin treatments give their guests an added level of peace of mind and comfort. Check out these eco-friendly beauty tips your guests will love, and that help reduce your salon’s carbon footprint:

  • Plant-based products: Using plant-based styling products reduces chemicals in your salon, makes your guests’ hair healthier and stronger, and contributes to ethical consumption.

  • Ammonia-free hair coloring: Ammonia has been linked to many health issues, which is why more and more salons are choosing to use plant-based, organic hair coloring products.

  • Use less heat: Salons interested in reducing their energy consumption while offering eco-friendly beauty options for their clients use less heat on their guests’ hair.

  • Minimize single-use products: An increasing number of salons are offering shampoo and conditioner bars for their guests that let them refill their hair care products, which creates less waste and reduces plastic consumption.

At Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School, we believe in sustainability. Our massage and skin care programs are all about promoting wellness that goes beyond the immediate situation. By teaching eco-friendly techniques and bringing awareness to how salons and spas can reduce their carbon footprint, we feel like we’re playing a small but vital role in creating a healthier planet. If you’re interested in a career as a massage therapist or skin care professional, choose a program that emphasizes eco-friendly practices. To learn more about our holistic, hands-on programs, visit us online at Begin your journey toward a rewarding career today!

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