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Care Tips for Your Eyelash Extensions

There’s a reason many people are hooked on eyelash extensions. What other beauty treatment allows you to wake up every morning looking and feeling like a million bucks with your Hollywood-worthy lashes?

Care Tips for Your Eyelash Extensions

Whether you opted for a more natural, “clean girl” look or the volume or hybrid lashes, chances are you want to keep them looking fresh and flirty for as long as possible. If you’re wondering how to care for lash extensions, you can take steps to extend the life of your lashes and make your new look last as long as possible! Most eyelash extensions last up to six weeks the average natural growth cycle for an eyelash, but they can last longer if taken care of properly.

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions 

The first step to caring for lash extensions is to be gentle when cleansing them. You might be nervous to clean them and ruin the adhesive, but it’s worse for your lashes to be dirty, as the product buildup can ruin them over time not to mention putting your eyes at risk for infection. The key to keeping them healthy and buildup free is to clean them properly. You can wash your lashes twice a day with a soft brush, eyelash cleanser or lash shampoo, and clean water. 

Start by talking to your esthetician about a good lash shampoo, so you’ll be ready to cleanse your lashes. It’s extremely important to ensure that your product does not contain any oils. Oil of any kind, even healthy ones like coconut and olive oil, can weaken your eyelash adhesive and cause lashes to fall out prematurely. The goal is to cleanse your lashes while also moisturizing and protecting them, so your lash shampoo should be the perfect balance of gentle and effective.

How to Use Lash Shampoo

It’s good to get into a routine of cleansing your lashes, and twice a day works well. Most people like to incorporate cleansing their lashes into their morning and nighttime beauty routines.


Start by placing a small amount of your lash shampoo on a fluffy eyelash brush. Then, brush the lash shampoo around your eye and your lash extensions until you can see it removing any product buildup or debris. Take your time and use soft strokes to avoid hurting your lashes. 

How to Brush Eyelash Extensions

Once you have shampooed your lashes, the next step is to brush them. Brush up and down along your lashes using a gentle touch. This will help remove any product or buildup that has gathered along the sides of your individual lashes. Then, rinse the lashes under clean water until the water runs clear, and there is no lash shampoo remaining. 

Finally, fan or pat the lashes dry — again, a soft touch is key — to keep your lashes from weakening. Rubbing a towel or washcloth on your eyes is much too rough — even if you’re in a hurry. Don’t try to save time. It only takes a few extra minutes to fan them dry. Finally, finish with a clean mascara brush to style your lashes.

Eyelashes are complicated; there’s no doubt about it. But, by knowing the right way to cleanse and brush them, you can keep them healthy and intact for weeks. Repeat these steps morning and night and be sure also to observe your lashes to assess if they are weakening at all. If so, there’s a chance you’re using too much pressure when cleansing or not cleansing deeply enough to clear away buildup that can destroy lash glue.

Now that you know more about eyelash extension care, are you ready to book your eyelash extensions? Contact us here to schedule a free consultation or book an appointment! Our professionals can’t wait to help you accentuate your natural beauty with eyelash extensions. We’ll answer all your questions about the type of lashes that are right for you and your esthetician will also review care tips with you to make sure your lashes are everything you’re hoping for. 

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