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Can a Beauty Blog Help Your Career as an MUA?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Michelle Phan, Huda Kattan, Manuel Gutierrez -- if these names are familiar to you, it's for one reason. They're all makeup artists who rose to fame thanks to their blogs and internet presence. While many makeup artists don't get into the profession with the goal of becoming famous, they do want to build up a strong client base so that they get as much work as possible.

Looking at the success other MUAs have had in the blogosphere, you might wonder if starting your own blog or vlog is worth it. Will being a beauty blogger give your makeup artist career a boost? It might, depending on how you approach it.

What is a Beauty Blog?

A blog is a website that's updated frequently, usually with stories or photos from the person who runs it. A beauty blog is a regularly updated website that focuses on makeup and skincare. Beauty blogs can take several formats.

Some bloggers have their own website where they share reviews and photos of new products. Others are on YouTube and primarily share videos such as makeup tutorials. The third category of beauty bloggers lives on Instagram. They share stories, videos, and photos with their followers

How to Start a Beauty Blog

The first thing to do if you decide to start your own beauty blog is to choose where the blog will live. You can make your own website and might want to go that route if you plan on using your blog to promote your makeup artist business. If you like the idea of making videos, you can create a YouTube channel to host your tutorials and other videos. Or, if you want to keep things as simple as possible, you can stick to Instagram.

Many beauty bloggers find that it makes sense to have a presence across the internet, even if they primarily focus on a single channel. For example, YouTubers typically have their own websites and Instagram profiles. Instagrammers might have a separate website, even though they're primarily posting on the social media site.

Getting followers is key to the success of your beauty blog. There are ways legitimate ways to go about building up a following. You can start by following other MUAs, hoping they'll follow you back. You can also follow your clients and ask your clients to follow you. Include links to your blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram handle in your email signature to encourage people to check it out.

What to Do With Your Beauty Blog

The sky might be the limit when it comes to what you can do with your beauty blog. A lot of MUAs make video tutorials, showing people how to apply certain products or create specific looks. You can also focus on reviewing products, giving people an idea of the quality of a new makeup or skincare item. What matters most is that you put your own personal stamp on the blog. Don't just copy others, give people a reason to check out and follow your blog.

Benefits of Blogging

A beauty blog can be a great tool to use to build up a client base and to demonstrate your skill and experience as a makeup artist. When you showcasing your knowledge and talent on your blog or YouTube channel, you increase the chances of someone seeing what you can do and hiring you for a project.

Some successful beauty bloggers also find that their blog opens up an additional stream of income for them. As your following grows, you might land sponsorship deals from companies, asking you to create posts or videos around their products. A number of MUA bloggers have gone on to launch their own product lines or subscription boxes based on the success of their blogs.

One of the places to start if you want to be a beauty blogger and MUA is in a makeup artist training program. Request more information today to learn more about the makeup artist training program at Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy and Skin Care Schools' Florida campuses.


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