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Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage for Employees

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Here are two equally true things: Work is stressful, and massages reduce stress. That's where corporate chair massage programs come in. These programs are designed to reduce employees' stress in the workplace. A masseuse comes into the office, brings all of the necessary equipment, and offers employees massages at designated times throughout the workday or during special events.

According to a study by Everest College, 83% of Americans report being stressed out at work. Another report by Occupational Health and Safety News reports that 50% of lost production in the workplace results from stress. Knowing that study after study shows that up to 99% of employees would take advantage of a corporate chair massage program, it's not hard to see how one could help the other.

Benefits of a Corporate Chair Massage  Programs for Employees

Implementing a corporate massage chair program works to the advantage of both employee and employer — all while costing less than you would think. Let's dive into some of the benefits of corporate chair massage in the workplace.

  • Reduces stress and decreases anxiety and depression. Employees' mental health is important. Supporting it is, too. In light of the fact that some studies indicate up to 85% of stress can be relieved with a massage at work, corporate massage programs offer a simple and effective way to serve and support your employees.

  • Offers physical benefits. Massages are known to relieve muscle tension and pain, but they can be used as preventative care measures as well. They can be a lifesaver for office workers who spend long hours typing, staring down at a screen, or sitting in a stiff chair. And for employees whose jobs require repetitive motions, a weekly chair massage can be especially helpful.

  • Increases focus and energy. Studies show that even just a 15-minute chair massage can improve focus and energy greatly.

  • Helps headaches. Regular massages can help reduce the tension that comes with headaches and reduce how severe those headaches are overall.

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage for Employers

It's easy to see how many benefits corporate chair massage programs could bring to employees. But how do they impact employers in a positive way that makes the cost of the program worth the investment?

  • Employee productivity goes up. A healthy, happy worker is much more likely to be productive than a stressed-out, grumpy one.

  • Health care costs go down. Because having a corporate chair massage program leads to better health for employees, it also leads to fewer sick days, fewer on-the-job injuries, and fewer hospital bills.

  • Improves workplace morale. Again, a healthy, happy worker is much more likely to be a good team player than the stressed-out employee. Workplace morale is worth a lot when it comes to fostering productivity and a positive culture.

  • Attract and retain top talent. Company benefits are a huge part of why people accept and stay at jobs. Having something that greatly improves health and reduces stress is a major incentive to take a job and stay there. Employees stay where they feel cared for, and chair massage programs let them feel cared for.

Types of Chair Massage

Now that you know the benefits of chair massage, here's a quick primer on the different types:

  • Hand massage

  • Back massage

  • Arms/shoulder massage

  • Head massage

Employees can request that the masseuse help alleviate tension in any of these areas, based on their specific needs.

What to Expect When Looking at Chair Massage Prices

Having a corporate chair massage program might seem like an extravagant expense for a company, but it's far more affordable than you might initially guess. Depending on the size of the workplace, the corporate chair massage price could be less than what it would cost to offer free snacks and beverages in the office kitchen. Not only is it more affordable, but it's healthier too.

Those considering implementing a corporate chair massage program should also consider the long-term price. Because regular massages lead to reduced medical costs and more productivity, they're a worthwhile investment.

If you're ready to prioritize employee wellness and want to learn more about the benefits of chair massage in the workplace, get in touch today. We look forward to talking soon!

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