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An Overview of Swedish Massage Therapy

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

One of the most popular types of massages available in spas these days is the Swedish massage. It’s so common it’s easy to forget that it’s a very specific type of massage that can relieve aches and pains in a way that is different than other techniques such as the deep tissue massage. If you’re thinking about a career as a massage therapist, you should know what it is that makes Swedish massage so popular. Here are a few things to consider before you enroll in a massage school in Maitland, FL.

A Classic Massage

People are often confused about the Swedish massage because it’s thought of by many as the classic massage. The whole purpose of the Swedish massage is to release muscle tension by promoting relaxation. It sounds simple, but it involves some very specific techniques to accomplish its goal. The practitioner executes long strokes and rubbing in an effort to loosen up muscles that have tightened due to the stresses of daily activity.

Relieving Tension

One of the reasons Swedish massage is so popular is because it’s ideally suited for treating people who have sore muscles and joints from sitting at a desk all day. When you work seated in front of a computer at home or in an office, your neck and shoulders will stiffen, causing pain and discomfort. The long strokes and kneading motions that are a hallmark of Swedish massage relax the patient, stimulating nerve endings, and have the effect of increasing blood flow and lymph drainage. The final result is a feeling of relaxation and revitalization.

The Benefits of Proper Training

When you receive a Swedish massage, it might seem intuitive. The fact is, however, it takes a lot of training to administer this type of massage properly. There are several different techniques available in Swedish massage to bring the patient the relief they need. A massage therapist will have to find the correct combination of techniques to best serve each individual client. Depending on the area of the body that needs the most treatment, the therapist might have to rub, stroke, vibrate, or stroke the muscles in order to achieve the best result. These are the kinds of skills you’ll learn when you enroll at an accredited massage therapy school.

A Low-Impact Massage

Some kinds of massage can be so aggressive that they cause additional stress (and even pain) in the patient. Swedish massage, however, is a slow, relaxing style of massage that can be easily monitored to avoid unnecessary pain. The patient is free to communicate with the therapist, so there’s never any risk of going too far. It’s a perfect option for patients who’ve never had a massage, or for a group of friends having a spa day who are more interested in getting away and having a good time than going through an intense massage session.

If you’re interested in being a practitioner of Swedish massage, the best way to get started is by enrolling in a class at the Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School. Not only are we the best makeup artist school in Maitland, FL, but we can provide you with the training you need to be a professional massage therapist. Give us a call today at (407) 261-0319.

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