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A Back-to-School Guide for Skin Care Students After the Pandemic

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

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A skin care specialist school in Pompano Beach, FL, can train you for a rewarding and challenging career, but it would be a mistake to think that everything is business-as-usual with the coronavirus still being a major risk. Getting ready to go back to school means that precautions have to be taken. Ideally, being prepared will help you enjoy and get more from your education, while also enabling you and everyone around you to remain as safe as possible. Your education and training are important, but health and safety need to be priorities as well.

Guidelines and Recommendations

State and local governments have handled the coronavirus differently. Some closed early, while others attempted to remain open longer. Certain states, cities, and counties began re-opening more quickly than others. Many salons are currently operating at 50% capacity, and this is true for many businesses. Schools have restrictions in place as well. It's always recommended that you stay abreast of current recommendations and guidelines both for your own protection and for the safety of those around you.

The CDC has resources for individuals, as well as businesses and other organizations. Washing your hands frequently, avoiding physical contact, and limiting your exposure are always good safety tips to keep in mind. Until there's a vaccine or cure, all public or group activity poses a real risk to everyone present.

Risk Factors

There is no such thing as a risk-free environment. This is the reality facing everyone at the moment. Given this reality, schools are doing everything they can to limit known risk factors. The result is that class sizes will be kept small. Clinicals and access to clients are limited as well. Students approaching graduation are given priority when it comes to hands-on training and working with clients. Testing for temperature and other checks may be in place as well. Attendance guidelines are currently loosened.

Personal Protective Equipment

Most schools have chosen to make wearing a mask mandatory. Personal protective equipment (PPE) might not be as readily as everyone would like, but it's an essential form of protection. Coughing and sneezing are easy ways to spread viruses and bacteria. Facial coverings reduce the chance of spreading or contracting coronavirus.

Social Distancing

Social distancing has become the new normal. Businesses and public buildings have placed markers to indicate where people should stand, and they have signs reminding people to social distance. Campuses are doing the same. Students are spaced out and room made available so that social distancing is easier. Unfortunately, this may be that more classes have to be offered with fewer students for each class. This might make scheduling your classes a bit more challenging. However, it does provide the benefit of making social distancing more feasible.

Remote Learning

State boards have allowed remote classes in certain cases. Obviously, skin care students have to do much of their learning with hands-on applications. However, some classes and lessons can be handled remotely. While this wasn't previously an option in many cases, state boards have made exceptions, and remote learning is currently available in certain instances. This does mean that you may lack as much interaction on campus, but it allows you to handle more of your classwork from home. When it comes to balancing out or juggling your class schedule, the remote option could make it significantly easier regarding your personal time commitments.

Attending the best skin care courses in Pompano Beach, FL, could require some adaptation. Contact Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School at (954) 975-6400 if you have any questions.

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