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5 Outstanding Beauty Tips that Only Take Minutes

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Having a great beauty routine doesn’t have to take ages, especially since most of us have busy mornings. Luckily, there are lots of quick beauty tricks that can help you speed up your routine and help you look terrific whenever you leave the house.

Here are five terrific beauty tips that only take minutes but can upgrade your makeup look to the next level.

1. Invest In Your Eye Lashes

One way to ensure you look polished, even when you’ve got to be at the office early, is to focus on your eyes. Long, beautifully curled eyelashes can help your eyes appear larger and brighter. The good news is that achieving perfect eyelashes doesn’t have to take a long time.

The easiest way to get swoon-worthy eyelashes? Invest in a good-quality eye lash curler. Curling takes less than a minute in the morning and yields significant results. Not only does curling your lashes give them some shape, but it also lifts them and helps them appear thicker and fuller. Try curling at the corners of your eyes for them to appear more prominent.

For those looking to take their eyelashes to the next level, consult a professional about adding a few natural looking lash-extensions.

2. Always Keep Blotting Paper On-Hand

Here’s one that sparks heated debates: oily skin is the only type that produces excess shine and oil. Fact or fiction? Surprisingly, the correct answer is fiction. Despite popular belief, dry and combination-type skins can appear shiny and have oil buildups. Often, oil is produced as your skin’s natural defense against dehydration, so those with dry skin might notice an increase in oil after a long flight or during harsh winter weather.

What are the two best ways of dealing with a shiny nose? Firstly, keep that skin hydrated, and secondly, always have some blotting paper nearby. The blotting paper absorbs excess oil on the skin without ruining your foundation.

Blotting paper isn’t just great for mattifying your forehead; it can also help absorb excess oil next to the scalp if you don’t have time to shower. If you notice that your hair looks a bit greasy throughout the day, quickly press the blotting paper around the forehead, temples, and through your hair part for a quick refresh.

3. Concealer Can Be Multi-Functional

Applying a full face of foundation every morning is both expensive and time-consuming. For days when you’re running a little late or looking for a lighter, more natural look, pull out your concealer.

The best way to achieve glowing, smooth skin with concealer is to apply it around the nose, chin, and forehead. You can also dab it on red spots you’d like to cover. Then, buff it into the skin using a soft brush for some light coverage.

What about the eye area? Can you use concealer as eye primer? If you’ve got dryer skin and a good-quality concealer, then absolutely; swipe the concealer over the eye and buff it before applying the rest of your eyeshadow. For those with oilier skin, only use a minimal amount of concealer as a primer so you don’t crease your eyeshadow.

4. Focus On the Eyebrows

One of the ways to add drama to your look is through perfectly arched, brushed eyebrows. The good news is that having perfect eyebrows doesn’t require much maintenance. If you’re running late and don’t have time to do a full makeup look, don’t waste time putting on eye shadow. Instead, focus on your eyebrows to achieve a polished look.

To achieve a great eyebrow, follow three quick and easy steps. First, brush an eyebrow brush through them to achieve your desired shape (consider flicking the hairs upward for a trendy, modern look). Then, use a brow pencil to cover gaps and help you achieve your desired shape. Finally, add a bit of brow gel to set them in place and keep them looking fresh throughout the day.

5. Don’t Forget The SPF

What’s the number one skincare tip to prevent aging and maintain your skin’s youthful and dewy look? Sunscreen. After you complete your morning skincare routine, make sure you apply good-quality sunscreen before your makeup. Try a tinted moisturizer and combination SPF for those looking to minimize their mourning beauty routine.

However, one area of the face that many people often forget to protect is their lips. That’s right, keep those lips plump and wrinkly-free by applying some lip balm that offers sun protection. Our favorite lip-beauty secret? Use a tinted lip balm with SPF for a quick way to add some color.

For those looking to learn how to do makeup like a professional, check out our website. Our courses are designed to deliver certifications in modern beauty techniques to help you achieve your full potential as a makeup artist and skincare expert.

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