5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Massage School

If you’re considering changing careers by becoming a professional massage therapist, you’re not alone. People all over the country are discovering all the great things that massage therapy has to offer. Massage therapists work in a field that is constantly evolving, so the work is always interesting. You get to meet new people, and it’s a job where you can really make a positive impact on people’s lives. Of course, before you can get started in your new career, you’ll have to get an education. Here are some facts you should consider before signing up for massage therapy training in Arlington, TX.

1.  You’ll Learn Far More Than Massage

The education required to become successful as a massage therapist incorporates far more than the technique of massage itself. The best massage therapy schools include all aspects of your future career. For instance, you’ll need a good education in anatomy and physiology. Many schools place emphasis on business management, which will be necessary if you’re going to pursue a career on your own. You’ll learn other techniques such as hydrotherapy, and you might even gain some clinic experience as well.

2. You’ll Experience the Physical Demands of Massage

Although you’ve probably given friends and family members dozens of massages over your lifetime, it’s unlikely you’ve ever consistently given massages the way you will when you’re a professional. Massage school gives you a chance to see how your joints respond to hours of kneading muscles. Many therapists quit due to the strain the job has on their body, but if you apply yourself, your massage school will teach you the proper method of giving a massage so you can do so painlessly.

3. You Can Discover Your Specialty

Before attending massage therapy school, you might not know which kind of massage you’d like to specialize in. By taking classes, you’ll learn all the latest styles and techniques, so you can choose the type of career you’d like to have. You might want to specialize in aromatherapy or hot stone therapy. Perhaps reflexology will be appealing to you. Massage school is your introduction to a whole new world of disciplines.

4. You’ll Undergo a Lot of Training

Earning your certification is going to require a lot of hard work. The typical training program is between 500 and 1000 hours long, with 750 hours required for NCBTMB certification. Furthermore, you’ll need to do all the necessary studies to pass the qualifying exam, 250 hours of hands-on training, and CPR certification. The classes don’t end after graduation, either. The state of Texas requires 12 hours of continuing education (CE hours) every two years for your license to be renewed.

5. Improve Your Job Prospects

One of the most attractive features that come with massage therapy school is how it will aid in your pursuit of a career. As massage becomes more part of the US mainstream each year, there’s more demand for massage therapists than the last. You can work freelance, or you can find a job at a clinic in your community. Also, with health spas prevalent on cruise ships and at resorts around the world, you can work practically anywhere you want.

When you’re ready to enroll in massage school in Arlington, TX, contact Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School. Give us a call at (682) 999-3150, and get started today.

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