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The Manicurist Program is currently only available in Texas.

Cortiva Institute Nail Program


Get Booked & Busy as a Nail Specialist!

Gain the skills you need to help your clients achieve healthy, beautiful nails. Dive into the world of nail design, manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and more!

Fast Track

Graduate and get licensed in just a few months!

On-Campus Salon

Real-world training with live clients, from consultation to rebooking!

Career Placement

Meet Employers, Resumé Building - we help you get licensed AND hired!

Tour our campus in person! Contact our Admissions Department to schedule a visit.

Cortiva Institute is not your typical nail school - we are a team of dedicated, determined, and passionate instructors and staff committed to helping you succeed!


Nationally Accredited


Day and Evening Classes

Guest Speakers, Employers, Events, Projects & More!

All New Equipment

Financial Assistance Options Available


If Not Now, When?

You’re here for a reason, so don’t wait. Reach out to us TODAY by filling out our quick and easy form

Chat with Admissions

Once you fill out our form, an Admissions representative will help you take the next step toward a rewarding career!

Discover Your Future

Invest a few months with us, and we will help you on your journey to a new and exciting career in Nail Technology!





Student Success is Our #1 Priority

We measure our success by yours. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure you excel and thrive long after graduation.

Cortiva Institute adopts a 360-degree approach, tailored to meet you at your level and help you develop into a well-rounded nail technician!

Our goals are simple: help you graduate, obtain your license, and start your dream career. Whether you aspire to be a salon nail technician, celebrity nail artist, or TikTok nail influencer, our program can help you get there.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Live Hands-On Training

Passionate Instructors & Guest Speakers

Graduate with 5+ Certifications

Professional Student Kits

FREE Tutoring and Exam Reviews

Track Progress with Online Quizzes & Tests

Creative Projects, Seminars, Events & More

Ready to take the next step?

Getting started with us is easy, so why wait? Take that next step toward the career you want today!

What Can I Expect?

As a Licensed Nail Technician, you have the opportunity to express your creativity and help clients achieve their ideal nail look, whether it be through intricate nail designs, luxurious manicures, or trendy nail extensions.

Our Manicurist program prepares you with the skills and knowledge to become a successful Licensed Nail Technician. You'll learn how to assess nails, create personalized nail designs, and provide top-notch nail care.

At Cortiva Institute, we provide students with the foundational knowledge of nail technology using hands-on experience with professional tools and products. Our program will teach you the following:



Nail Design

Nail Extensions


Hard Gel

Nail Art

Nail Health & Care

Soft Gel Polish

Salon Business (Nails)

Building Your Portfolio

Retail Sales & Rebooking


We are well-known nationwide for providing quality education in Massage Therapy and Skin Care for decades. With the new addition of our fully accredited Manicurist program, you can become one of the first Cortiva Institute Nail Tech Graduates! #NailArtLife

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Program Details


Our Manicurist program is currently only available at our Arlington, TX campus.


This campus is nationally accredited by ACCSC.


The expected length of the program is 7 months. It is offered with both day and evening schedules.


Graduates of the Manicurist program will receive the following certifications:

  • Barbicide

  • HIV Certificate

  • Milady RISE

  • Acrylic Certification

  • Hard Gel Certification

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Your future starts now!

In just a few months, you'll have what it takes to be a Licensed Nail Technician!

Are you ready to kickstart your career in the exciting field of nail care and artistry?


Our program offers expert instruction, hands-on training, and assistance in finding employment.


Don't wait to invest in your future. Take the first step towards success!

Electric Nail File

Graduates can pursue various career paths:

Salon Nail Technician

Nail Salon Owner

Nail Product Sales

Spa Nail Technician

Educator or Instructor

Organic Manicurist

Mobile Nail Technician

Nail Artist

Beauty Blogger/Influencer

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