Arlington Campus (Formerly Texas Center for Massage Therapy)

Looking for a rewarding career in Massage Therapy? There’s no better place to pursue it than Cortiva Institute.

Why Cortiva Institute?

  • A diploma in as little as 7½ months
  • Convenient day and night classes that fit your life
  • The country’s largest dedicated massage therapy school group
  • 1,000’s of jobs available across the country
  • Support in finding a career that brings you joy
  • Accomplished instructors and faculty to guide your development
  • A network of over 100,000 alumni
  • Financial aid available for those who qualify

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Discover Programs that put You on a Path to Success

Cortiva Institute gives you the tools and confidence to succeed, from our holistic, hands-on curriculum, to expert faculty—all practicing specialist in their field—who guide you every step of the way.

An affordable path to success

Cortiva helps in every way we can to knock down financial roadblocks, and connects you with organizations and employers who do the same.

  • Extensive financing options and in-house loans if you qualify
  • Automatic membership in professional organization with scholarship opportunities
  • Free liability insurance through membership
  • Student licensure and testing fees covered where required
  • Access to 1,000s of employers who prioritize our graduates for interviews
  • A growing list of employers who offer tuition reimbursement

“What I love most about Cortiva is that it's a family atmosphere”

Lucy Valle

Lucy Valle
Licensed Massage Therapist
Medical Massage Practitioner
Cortiva Instructor

“If you want to take that leap from your dead end job to a career in massage therapy, Cortiva Institute is the place to be”

Al Shakise Anderson

Al Shakise Anderson
Licensed Massage Therapist
Cortiva Graduate

“Not only was the Cortiva environment extremely inviting, but from a financial and timing standpoint, it was the perfect match”

Erin Weinberger

Erin Weinberger
Licensed Massage Therapist
Cortiva Graduate

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